We are “Small Town USA.”

You know that feeling when you walk down the streets of a small town, that feeling of being safe, the smile and kind “hello” from a stranger. The stranger that feels like a long lost friend. That’s the feeling our members have, constantly we hear from new members…”everyone is so nice.”


The other gyms, they are the “Big City.” When you go to the city, you’re in a sea of people and yet totally alone. 

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Everyday we help people just like you, people that have the same struggles and the same crazy busy lives. Our members are normal everyday people trying to get a little bit better everyday.

NO JERKS ALLOWED! I often find myself telling people how we have no jerks in the gym. Most people are good-hearted people that have been bogged down from work and life and the negativity that surrounds them. After a few times with us, our positive vibe helps to break their slump and turn things around. Nothing I love more than seeing someone come in exhausted from a tough day at work, only to see them 5 minutes later smiling and having a great time. We fix bad days!

Have you ever walked into a gym and instantly felt like an outsider, like you don’t belong? Don’t feel alone, I hear that story all the time. We give our people a place they can finally feel at home, a place they can truly belong.

Out of shape? No problem, we can fix that. Overweight? No problem, we can fix that. Weak? No problem, we can fix that.

You did the hard part, we will take it from here.

Adam Volcskai - Owner/Trainer

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You did the hard part, we'll take it from here.

Strength training for what matters most. Cardio that you will actually enjoy! A personal trainer with you every step of the way. New friends to share it all with. Who knew fitness could be this much fun?


The Iron Crush Method has been evolving for over 20 years but some things will never change. Our methods will always be safe, sustainable, and effective training modified for the individual in a fun friendly atmosphere.


THE PURSUIT is the backbone of Iron Crush. A 40 minute program designed to build a STRONGER, HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIFE. Combining over 20 years of training knowledge and experience into a program that is uniquely us and perfectly you. Whether you are looking to get stronger, lose weight, or simply get back in shape again this is the program for you.

THE PURSUIT brings together people of all ages and abilities with fun and welcoming 40 minute group training sessions. The community. The tribe. The team. That sense of belonging, it all starts with THE PURSUIT.


Our 1-1 personal training program designed to fill the specific needs of the individual. Focused 100% on your needs 1-1 The Challenge is great for athletes, people working through major limitations, or someone who simply wants the extra 1-1 support of a dedicated personal trainer.

Some of our 1-1 clientele has included:

  • Busy professionals on a tight schedule
  • Individuals limited by traumatic injuries or limitations
  • High school and collegiate athletes

Everyday We Help People Just Like You!

"I am forever grateful that Adam helped me decide that I can find time to exercise even though I work full-time and have a family. Plus, I think my kids just might think I'm a little bit cooler now that I know what the sled is, what a bench press means, and that I can actually do a dead lift!"
Iron Crush Member
"The biggest reason we come back multiple times a week is the fast paced half hour sessions. Being able to sign up in advance around your schedule is amazing as we are starting a company, have two young kids and an overall busy schedule. The staff is amazing at maxing our productivity through knowing our weights, our progress and keeping us on track to keep improving every time."
Iron Crush Member
"What keeps me coming back is knowing that I will continually be challenged and pushed and never bored with a work out and that Kevin, Anna and Adam are always there for you and know your strengths, weaknesses and know how much to push you."
Iron Crush Member


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