Testimonials from Our Loyal Members

I have been a member since December 2017. Almost 2 years ago, I was at my Dr's office hearing you need to lose weight, stop smoking, take medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Facebook must have been listening to that conversation because somehow, I got an add on Facebook for Iron Crush for a 3-week trial membership. Shortly after that Dr visit, I made up my mind I needed to do something! I quit smoking, gave myself 2 months for my lungs to adjust and reached out for the trial membership. I did it purposely right before Christmas too because I didnt want to have the stigma of joining a gym for a New Year's resolution and give myself that way out that it was just a failed New Year's resolution. BUT, I didnt need a way out, I started to show up at the gym every day and do things I haven't done in years. After the first week or two, I knew this was the place and started to incorporate the nutrition program Adam had went through with me and

Never looked back.

Biggest change-Besides the nearly 100 pounds lost, increased energy, strength, confidence; I haven't felt better than I do now in several years. I now love to go to the gym and workout and know that every day I am improving my health to be here with my family.

What keeps me coming back is knowing that I will continually be challenged and pushed and never bored with a work out and that Kevin, Anna and Adam are always there for you and know your strengths, weaknesses and know how much to push you. I also love the fact that it is only 30 minutes and I can fit a workout in a short period of time and feel so much better after I leave the gym and also not feel guilty for taking that 30 minutes for myself and still have time for everything my family needs me to do.

What is something only members know about the gym.
That on any given Saturday you may be working out to some old school hip hop and that this gym is not your average gym. The members are friendly, there's no judgement and that Anna, Kevin and Adam are always there to support you.


Kaitlin and I started in January 2019 fresh off a trip to Disney World.

Since starting at Iron Crush we have seen numerous impacts on our life. It may seem simple; but we are so much stronger. Lifting the double stroller into the car is a piece of cake and we can once again do the monkey bars with the kids. Our physical appearances have changed of course, but so has our stamina in mental sharpness thanks to regular exercise.

The biggest reason we come back multiple times a week is the fast paced half hour sessions. Being able to sign up in advance around your schedule is amazing as we are starting a company, have two young kids and an overall busy schedule. The staff is amazing at maxing our productivity through knowing our weights, our progress and keeping us on track to keep improving every time.

Funniest couple things we have both laughed about was the random time on a Saturday morning we were doing 100 reps of all exercises and after we got home we both admitted to doing far less than 100 of the leg press! We also find it amusing we often comment how we see our trainers more than pretty much anyone else in life!

Something that only people at the gym know is that Adam only has two bulbs left in the office and keeps the lights off all the time and sometimes in the middle of a workout on a nice day you get a nice woft of ChickFilA from up the hill for a real reminder of how much you love the gym 😉.


My son, Danny, started training at Iron Crush five years ago when he was 10 years old and my daughter joined not long after him. I remember driving them to Iron Crush and rather than drive home and come back I would go in with them and sit on a bench and "watch" them do their workout (sitting there was never boring as I really enjoyed chatting with Adam and Kevin - the nicest guys you will ever meet). When my daughter got her driver's license, I no longer had to go with them and "watch". Finally eight months ago, with a little gentle persuasion from Adam, I decided it was time for me to stop "watching" and to join Iron Crush myself. Being diagnosed with high blood pressure and facing turning 50 this year, I knew I wanted to make some lifestyle changes. I have battled with weight issues my entire life. Over the past eight months, through diet and exercise, I have lost 70 pounds. Eight months ago Adam encouraged me to start out coming to Iron Crush five days a week in order to establish a routine. I am still attending five days a week and absolutely hate when I have to miss. In fact one of my favorite memories from this past summer is working out at Iron Crush with my daughter every morning! Adam, Kevin, Anna, their encouragement, the workout routines, the atmosphere of the gym, and my fellow gym mates are what keep me coming back. I am forever grateful that Adam helped me decide that I can find time to exercise even though I work full-time and have a family. Plus, I think my kids just might think I'm a little bit cooler now that I know what the sled is, what a bench press means, and that I can actually do a dead lift!


I've been a member since 6/1/18 so almost 22 months now.

Biggest change: I weighed 196 when I started and felt heavy and out of shape. Within 18 months I was done 20 lbs and from a 37 to a 33 waist and at that point decided to change my goal from weight loss and toning to adding muscle. I stepped up my workouts from 3X a week to every day and started increasing my weights. Since then I've actually added 10 lbs of muscle to my legs and upper body and my waistline has stayed the same.

At this point I feel like I don't want to regress and I'm still adding muscle so I am going to keep coming in 5X a week until outside activities preclude it. I have never been in a program like this that is both time efficient and highly effective.

Funny gym story: When I first started I thought everyone else knew what they were doing and had their act together. Now that I've been at Iron Crush for a while I realize we're all in it together and try to be encouraging to the new members. I still have some residual body image issues so I find it hilarious that I get called "V-Taper", "stud" and "ripped". I guess I really am making progress.

Something only members know about the gym: The staff are a bunch of cream puffs who act like they want to be seen as drill sergeants but really are looking out for you the whole time you are there. Every now and then I know they let me off a little easy even though they are pretending to look the other way.


Iron Crush Member

I have been a member since May 2018. I have always been an active person and I enjoyed working out, but I was starting to get bored with the regular gym routine. I’d run on the treadmill, do a few weight machines and go home. I never really challenged myself or felt comfortable using the free weights with all the “serious” weight lifters. I would increase weights on the machines, but it was random and I never followed any specific workout routine.

My friend Tracey told me about Iron Crush so I went, met with Adam and joined after a two week trial period.

I keep coming back because Iron Crush makes exercising easy. Adam, Kevin and Ana tell me exactly what to do! They know what we worked on last time and they know what weights will challenge me. I enjoy not having to think about which muscle group to work on next. I also love the 30 minute workout.

The biggest change I have noticed is my muscles! I have them! I have more toned shoulders, legs and arms. I keep coming back to Iron Crush because of the trainers. Adam, Kevin and Ana are awesome. They are always happy to see you and they greet each member by name when you arrive. It’s like walking into an old friend’s house to workout.

Everyone is very friendly and you feel welcome immediately.
Something only members know about the gym is, Adam has some great dance moves and will even let you push him around on the sled during a Saturday morning workout.


Iron Crush Member

Sandy has been a member of our gym for four years in February!

Sandy stated the biggest change she has seen, since joining our gym, has been the strength to do things – like going in the waves at the beach – that I did years ago and then had to stop cause I couldn’t do it.

Her grandkids are what keeps her coming to the gym! "I need to be able to get on the floor and play with them (and be able to stand back up!), need to be able to pick them up when they run to me with open arms, need to be able to take them to a park to play and not worry about keeping up with them."

Sandy wants people to know the gym "is a safe place where you are not judged by your age, or size or shape or ability. It’s a place where the only person you are competing with is yourself and everyone supports everyone else because they know how hard we all work and how important it is."


Iron Crush Member

I have been a member since May of 2018. I truly enjoy going to Iron Crush because of the fun and time efficient workouts! The best thing is the change I have seen in myself- seeing more strength and muscle definition and always leaving in a better mood than when I came in! Anna, Kevin and Adam are there to guide you every step of the way. On occasion, Adam has been known to dance next to you! They always make everyone feel welcomed! 


Iron Crush Member

It was during the holidays in 2017 that I came across an ad for Iron Crush on my Facebook page. Dealing with weight struggles since having my children, and a neurological disorder, I decided it was time to do something that would improve my health. I needed to get strong. I signed up for six months, and I’ve never looked back.

I remember sitting in my car prior to coming in for my first workout. I sat and cried because I was afraid that I would not be able to do the work out. Then I met Kevin and my life changed. Kevin, Anna & Adam all believed in me when I did not believe in myself. Their support and encouragement are the reasons that make coming to iron crush so easy.

After my first five months of regularly attending the gym, we had a truck full of mulch delivered to our home. I found it easy to keep up with my husband using shovels and wheelbarrows to spread mulch throughout our property. I felt empowered by my newfound strength.

Although I still struggle with medical issues, I keep coming back to the gym because of the trainers and the workouts. Workouts are fun and move so quickly. I never thought I’d be a gym person, but now I know there’s no place other than Iron crush for me.


Iron Crush Member

I’ve been a member of Iron Crush for two and a half years. I decided to “join a gym” after complaining to my husband about my appearance and his response was, “I love you just the way you are but if you aren’t happy, you are the only one who can change it!” He was right, so I started researching gyms and saw an advertisement for Iron Crush on
Facebook and filled out the application. Adam responded almost immediately to schedule an appointment.

After meeting with Adam and telling him that- (I didn’t play sports, I’m not an athlete, I never lifted weights and I never belonged to a gym) I decided to make a three-month commitment.

Joining this gym has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am so much stronger! I love that there is always a trainer there telling me what to do and the workouts only last
for 30 minutes so it’s easy to fit it into my busy schedule. The
atmosphere is always friendly and fun, no matter what time I go whether it’s at 6:00 am or 6:00 pm. We are always having a good time!

Adam, Kevin and Anna are awesome trainers and when you join this gym you will learn that Adam is also a great dancer!


Iron Crush Member

When Adam asked me if I would do a testimonial for his gym “Iron Crush Training” or I should say OUR GYM, because we are the Iron Crush Family! I responded, “Yes, yes and yes”!

I have been a member of the I. C. Family for a little over two years. When I first walked in the door for my initial interview I felt at home. I have been a member at other gyms, but never received: (1) an interview asking what my goals and I are will be working with a trainer every session and (2) sitting with the owner welcoming me to the I. C. family!

The biggest change I have had over the last two plus years, was confidence in challenging myself with weight training and keeping my weight in check. Throughout the time I have been going to I. C. I have had to also go to physical therapy for some back and shoulder issues due to the aging process; the team at I .C. worked with me and the PT exercises that I was given, this has helped me improve and be stronger in those areas as well as improving my posture.

Most recently while I spent some weeks in AZ this winter, I was not doing my usual 2 to 3-day workout as I did at I. C. before I left, therefore, I developed some elbow and back pain. When I returned for a few days I immediately made an appointment to go to the gym. Kevin worked with me an voila’ my pain subsided!! This is what keeps me coming back to I. C. along with; the time, attention and most importantly the caring the trainers have for all the I. C. family members.
What impresses me the most is that Adam, Kevin and Anna know the name of every “Crusher” that walks through the door and they greet us as we enter and say “Have a good day” as we leave. And the smiles on everyone’s faces as they leave, having had a good workout!

When the weather is nice, the doors are left open to enjoy the fresh air, well one day a bird flew in; this is when we found out one of our strong, buff trainers, doesn’t like birds!! I didn’t feel so bad then!

Things only an I. C. family member would know are, Anna is an animal lover, especially her kitty, Kevin is tying the knot this summer and Adam has the cutest “Little Curly Haired Guy” around!!!

Happy and, Physically Fit Crusher (Peg)


Iron Crush Member

At the age of 43, I found out I was pregnant. It was a joyous moment and the best surprise of my life, however I was high-risk and I was not in the best shape at the time. I ended up gaining an additional 35 pounds during my pregnancy. After my son was born, I couldn’t figure out how to balance work and take care of a baby, let alone find time for myself to exercise. On top of it all, I was going through a
separation and moving back to Pennsylvania. The stress was high and I found comfort in food and drink.

Fast forward a few years; I was settled in my new home and surrounded by family again. I was happier with my situation but not with myself, my health or my eating habits. Now at the age of 47, I needed to figure out how to keep up with a soon-to-be preschooler. I kept saying to myself, “I don’t want my son to be embarrassed by me, the fat mom,” and I certainly did not want to ever pass on doing activities with him because of my weight or health.

I came across IC training’s 21-day challenge. I made an appointment to see Adam, Owner and Founder.

We chatted about the program and the very little time I needed to invest each day to start my journey back to a healthy me. I mean, who can’t do 30 minutes?? Every day is different. I love the variety and not knowing what I will be doing from day to day. In addition, I don’t have to think about what I am going to do, because my amazing trainers are there to guide me every step of the way.

Speaking of the amazing trainers, Adam, Kevin and Anna!! They are motivating, encouraging, caring and non-judgmental. They will always greet you with a smile and then make you work harder than you thought was possible but all within your capabilities. I know they want the absolute best for me and all
the members. They have created a family amongst themselves and everyone that joins. We all feel the
love and encourage each other. I have avoided calling I.C. a gym throughout this testimonial because I think it is more than that. I feel that Adam, along with Kevin and Anna, have created a community. We are all very different but working towards a common goal, supporting each other along the way.
Adam, Kevin and Anna have helped me change the way I look at diet and exercise. It has been a life style change and the best gift to myself and my son. I can’t thank them enough for all their help and encouragement to a healthier and stronger me. The journey is not over and I am grateful I found
I.C.Training or I.C Training found me!

All my life, I’ve been told I am a such a strong person. Well, I am finally feeling like my body is catching up to my spirit! I may have lost 50 pounds, but I’ve gained strength, increased my confidence, added muscle and acquired new friends and joined a community.


Iron Crush Member

In June it will be one year since I became a member at IC Training. Although my health journey starts before I came to IC Training, there is no doubt in my mind that if it weren’t for this gym and these people my story would be so different!

I was 422 lbs at my highest weight in October of 2018. At the time I thought It would be impossible to lose weight. My mom convinced me to look into bariatric surgery as I was only 23 years old and headed towards an early death or a lot of health problems. I lost 74 lbs before my surgery and learned how to change a lot of really unhealthy habits that I had picked up including emotional eating, binge eating, etc. In April of 2019 I had a gastric sleeve procedure. I joined IC training in June 2019 at 315lbs. With the help of Adam, Anna, and Kevin I have now made it to 250lbs and feel so much stronger, happier, and healthier!

The feeling of belonging and having people that care about you is why I come back. Adam, Anna, and Kevin always have your back and if you don’t show up, they check in and ask how you really are. They genuinely want to help people and it shows. I’ve never felt judged or the anxiety I have felt in other gyms coming from the starting point that I did.

Coming to IC Training has been an awesome experience for me. I’ve seen myself do so many things there that I never could have imagined for myself (like my first plank). As a busy and stressed special education teacher when I carve out those 30 minutes it changes my whole day for the better!


Iron Crush Member


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